A Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered, Mission-Focused Devotional Journey

Whenever you embark upon a journey, it is always wise to have a clear destination in mind. Even though journeys can take some very interesting detours, a clear focus of where you want to eventually end up is essential. The family of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (C&MA) continues on a significant journey together. Our deepest passion is to reach the nations of the world with the compassion and love of Jesus Christ, not only to care for their physical and emotional needs, but also to see doors open to speak to the heart of their spiritual emptiness.

From the very beginning, our founder, A.B. Simpson, articulated a simple but profound message. He declared, The mission of the Alliance has ever been extremely simple. It is to make the Lord Jesus Christ real, and encourage His people to receive Him in all His fullness, and to give Him speedily to the lost world. This remains our destination today.

God is calling us into a renewed commitment to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered and Mission-focused movement. The design of this devotional journey is to rivet our focus on the destination: to live dynamic Christ-centred lives, to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, who renovates our character and invigorates our gifts and ministries, and to motivate us to risk it all to be on mission to reach the least-reached peoples of the world. I am convinced that as you embark upon this journey, God-given dreams, visions and passions will be unleashed with life-transforming power. We are living in some of the most turbulent times in human history; yet, in the midst of it all, a new openness and deep desperation for hope has emerged. This is our moment. This is our call. This is our destination. Join the journey.


David Hearn
The Christian and Missionary Alliance




One comment on “A Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered, Mission-Focused Devotional Journey

  1. I’m excited! The concept of a destination always encourages me when I’m on a journey. I love seeing light at the end of a tunnel. 🙂

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