Strengthening the Walls of your Soul


Edition 3: Day 1

“For this reason I kneel before the Father, from
whom every family in heaven and on earth
derives its name…”


The walls of the Temple as described in the Old Testament were apparently 3 to 5 metres wide, the thickest of any structure existing at that time. The constructors wanted to depict the need for something strong enough to contain God’s glorious presence. Paul has this picture in his mind when he launches into his prayer in Ephesians 3. He had just been talking about the fact that now, after Pentecost, God actually indwells His people (Ephesians 2:20-21). He has taken up residence in each believer and is no longer confined to just one building. Paul’s prayer is that the reality of God’s indwelling presence will impact believers at every level of their being!

Take a few moments to read through Ephesian 3:14-21. Let me paraphrase this prayer:
I pray that God will strengthen the walls of your soul (v.16), that you will increasingly know that Jesus is always with you (v.17). I pray that you will be rooted and solid in the love of God (v.18), that the reality of His love will continue to capture you, and that the experience of God’s glorious presence will be more and more real to you (v.19). God can do it (v.20-21)!

Wow, what a prayer! We often feel weak and fragile as we attempt to follow Christ. Paul provides a pattern for us to pray. In our weakness, we ask God to strengthen our inner person, our soul. He shores up the walls, expands our capacity to see God, and increases our awareness of His presence. Notice the invitation of the Triune God. The Spirit, Christ, and the Father are all present and at work in us.

Spend some time praying this prayer for yourself and the people you know, taking each phrase and using it as a basis to pray so that the “walls of your soul” are strengthened!

1. What word or phrase about what God wants to do in your soul today most
stands out to you?
2. Based on what you read in this prayer, what will it look like in your life as God
continues to strengthen the walls of your soul?

Ric Gilbertson serves as the Executive Pastor of RockPointe Church, in Calgary, Alberta.


7 comments on “Strengthening the Walls of your Soul

  1. I want to increase my capacity to be aware of the presence of Jesus during this Lenten season. “That I will increasingly know that Jesus is always with me.” This year I want to give up reading detective novels at night so that I can begin the practice of Examen. Antoine want to ask me how I did on Good Friday?😀

    • Thanks for sharing, Tyrone. May others be inspired to also practice Examen.
      For those unfamiliar with the term, Examen is an exercise of spiritual reflection – a prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern His direction for us. Here is a website resource with more information:

  2. Friends… we ordered 150 physical copies of last year’s booklet “A Christ Centred, Spirit Empowered, Mission Focused Devotional Journey””. Is it possible to get THAT devotional digitally each day?

  3. This was the most meaningful devotional of the past week for me. As the world bombards our souls with its humanism and selfishness, we have a little of our God centeredness stripped away each day. This was a wonderful reminder of the practice of a focus on strengthening we need to access daily and to build us up in Christ.

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