Beside Still Waters


Edition 3: Day 5

“Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame”
— Psalm 34:5


I’m sitting in one of my favourite spots. The river glides by, smooth and dark green. I raise my face to catch the warmth of the October sun and think of it as Your love for me, pouring down from Your smiling face. I love these times of soaking prayer. I come without agenda, without requests or expectations. I simply bring my desire to be with You and the confidence that You love to be with me. Your presence is warm and comforting; Your love drenches my spirit.

I often think of David’s expressions: lying down in green pastures, beside quiet waters, and letting You refresh my soul. I remember John leaning back on Your breast and hearing Your heartbeat. Sometimes I see myself on Daddy’s lap, feeling the joy of communion with my Father, who knows all and sees all and cares specifically for me.

It is a time just to bask in Your love for me and to remember who I am, first and foremost, before any of the other roles in my life: I am a dearly loved daughter of God with complete, free access to Your throne.

These times of silent prayer help me take a step back and see life from Your perspective, uncomplicated by my words and ideas. I see how much greater You are, how tiny my problems look, and how simple life can be when I choose to trust You completely. I can walk into the rest of my busy day knowing I’m surrounded by Your favour as a shield, and that my life radiates the joy of Your presence wherever I go.

1. How would it change my life if I took even five minutes a day just to look at Jesus’ face and bask in His love for me?
2. Take time to read and reflect on Psalm 34, Psalm 63, and II Corinthians 3.

Ruth Shareski is an Alliance international worker who serves with her husband, Ralph, in Heidelberg, Germany. They focus on equipping young adults to walk in the Spirit and bring the Kingdom wherever they go. She is the proud Oma of six grandchildren.

Photo credit: Stephan Harmes via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

4 comments on “Beside Still Waters

  1. What a fabulous example of silent, listening, soaking prayer. I copied this prayer into my prayer journal, as I was so moved by it. My sons and husband are all pastors and I plan on emailing them this prayer as I so think it will quiet their hearts this Saturday before a busy Sunday of ministry and preaching. Thank you Ruth for sharing your prayer with us.

  2. I chose these readings this year forgetting I had read this a year ago! But it touched my heart again today and this morning the song that was sung at church was about the Good Father… that’s who He is… I am loved by Him… that’s who I am….. so humbling and overwhelming all at the same time! Be blessed today Ruth…thank you.

    • Thank you for your encouragement! I am convinced that this knowing who we are and how loved we are is so foundational for our lives. Glad to hear the Spirit used that truth to touch your heart. Blessings! Ruth

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