What Jesus Is Doing Right Now


Edition 3: Day 34

“…because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them”
 — Hebrews 7:24-25


What is Jesus doing right now” The question was posed to me in a manner consistent with a heart that was longing to know Jesus more. It was a question I didn’t see coming, but it sparked in me a desire to discover the answer. Can we know what Jesus is doing at any given moment? And what would the implications be if we did know? My inquiry became, “Jesus, what are you doing now?”

Hebrews 7 informs us about what Jesus is doing right now. He is interceding; He is praying for you and me. The implications of this truth are many, but one has become a way of prayer that has been transformational for me. When I pray, I begin by asking Jesus, “What prayer is on your heart for this person, situation, family, church, or for me?” And then I listen. Eventually a picture, idea, Scripture, or even a single word will come to mind as an invitation to join Jesus in His prayer as He intercedes for us. It is so refreshing, so life-giving, to pray out of a posture of listening to Jesus as opposed to coming up with what I think should be prayed.

There is a conversation happening between Father, Son, and Spirit right now. Every time we pray, we are entering into the prayer gathering of Heaven, and we are invited to participate in  the intercession that is already taking place.

What is Jesus doing right now? He’s praying for you. By name. Take time to listen to His words and passion. What He has to say promises to be a treasure of wisdom, insight, and love.

1. What are the implications of Jesus interceding for you?
2. Ask Jesus, “What is the prayer that you are praying for me? For the person on my mind? The Church? Our nation?” Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and align your prayers with the intercession of Jesus.

Wade Paton, over the past sixteen years, has served three Alliance churches in Canada and as an international worker in Thailand. Currently, he serves as Associate Pastor at Sherwood Park Alliance Church in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Photo credit: Mike Boening Photography via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

3 comments on “What Jesus Is Doing Right Now

  1. Wade, thank you for this! What a great thought, attitude, posture! What a great question to ask! Already this morning, Jesus has answered this prayer and instructed me how to pray for my family and those on my daily prayer list. WIJPRN? Is a question I can ask every morning! This is the best 40 days so far. We are so richly blessed as an Alliance family.

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