Celebration Sunday 6

Oh, let us believe, let us conceive, let us burn with intense desire, and we shall see the great and mighty things which prayer has brought already, and which it will yet bring to pass in the closing days of the Christian dispensation.
— A. B. Simpson

The six Sundays are not counted among the forty days of Lent because each Sunday represents a “mini-Easter” – a celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death. With this in mind, let’s pause today to celebrate the opportunities we have had this week for deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Let us also consider during this time of celebration that we are actively participating in this journey together, in community, with thousands of others. Lets encourage one another, and inspire each other with thoughts and ideas as we celebrate together what the Lord has graciously done for us.

Did you know that you can share a verse of scripture or words of encouragement for others online even if you are tracking with us through the downloaded PDF version or working through the printed booklet? Just go to https://40days-faithandhope.com/category/edition-3/ and leave a comment there or post your thoughts on twitter, facebook, or instagram and use the hashtag #40daysfaithhope.

If you’ve received the devotionals directly to your inbox, simply, take a moment to click on the title of the devotional in your email to open up the online page post where you can select the comment bubble and leave your message.

If you would like to comment on any of the devotionals already posted this week, feel free to click on the appropriate image linked below which will take you to that devotional post online:

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