Days 21-40: A Devotional Journey into God’s Heart for Justice and Compassion

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Integrity Matters

How to Do Our Good Works

Defending Dignity

Welcoming the Foreigner

The Sacred and Secular: Does Christ Differentiate?







Ruthless Compassion

Best Intentions

Do You Love to Hate the Wicked?

A Widow’s Mite

A New Name







Shattering the Culture of “Us and Them”

The Ten Commandments: Shaping Community

Royal Gardeners

Convincing Proofs of God’s Kingdom

Convincing Proofs of God’s Kingdom

Will Your House Withstand A Storm?








God’s Heart for Mistreated Women

When Six Weeks Became Three Months

Justice and Compassion Are Motivated by Perfect Love

The Story of Shalom

Spread the News of Christ “While You Are Going”

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