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Recommended Reading

Joanne Beach, Director of Alliance Justice and Compassion, writes:

“Every time I find a book that addresses justice and how to come alongside poor and marginalized people, I have read them or added them to my recommended reading list.  These resources provide biblical rationale, inspiration and practical guidance for living lives of compassion and justice.”

 The Poverty and Justice Bible  

P&JBiblefresh_09065030_largeThe Bible that reveals God’s passion.
Almost every page of the Bible speaks of God’s heart for the poor.
His concern for the marginalised.
His compassion for the oppressed.
His call for justice.


Generous Justice, Timothy Keller

GenJusticeIt is commonly thought in secular society that the Bible is one of the greatest hindrances to doing justice. Isn’t it full of regressive views? Didn’t it condone slavery? Why look to the Bible for guidance on how to have a more just society? Timothy Keller challenges these preconceived beliefs and presents the Bible as a fundamental source for promoting justice and compassion for those in need.


ToxicCharityVeteran urban activist Robert Lupton reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. Toxic Charity provides proven new models for charitable groups who want to help—not sabotage—those whom they desire to serve. Lupton, the founder of FCS Urban Ministries (Focused Community Strategies) in Atlanta, the voice of the Urban Perspectives newsletter, and the author of Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life, has been at the forefront of urban ministry activism for forty years.

When Helping Hurt:s How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor and Yourself, Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

WhenHelpingHurtsChurches and individual Christians typically have faulty assumptions about the causes of poverty, resulting in the use of strategies that do considerable harm to poor people and themselves. A must read for anyone who works with the poor or in missions. When Helping Hurts provides foundational concepts, clearly articulated general principles and relevant applications. The result is an effective and holistic ministry to the poor, not a truncated gospel.

Additional Recommendations

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