A Devotional Prayer Journey into the Presence, Power, and Purposes of God

John Stott, a famous British theologian, once declared, “Wherever one looks in the church today, there is an evident need for a deeper work of the Holy Spirit.” I could not agree more.

I was speaking in one of our churches not too long ago, and I offered a call for people to respond to a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. A few people began to make their way forward. The worship team was leading in songs of response, and you could sense God doing some significant work in the hearts of those gathered.

All of a sudden, one of the long-standing members of the church, who was part of the worship team, walked off the platform and came towards me. He dropped to his knees and with deep emotion cried out, “Pray for me; I want more of the Holy Spirit.” Next to him stood his wife, who was equally desperate for a fresh encounter with God. In the next hour, I continued to encounter people who were hungry for God and seeking a deeper filling of the Holy Spirit.

This hunger for more has always been embedded in the DNA of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. This craving was the power that resulted in a holy life and a willingness to courageously go to the nations of the world. Our spiritual power has always been intimately embedded in the presence and purposes of God.

Rob Reimer affirms, “Spiritual authority is rooted in identity, expanded in intimacy, and activated in faith.” I love that! I invite you to embrace your identity in Christ and to expand your intimacy with Christ, so that you can be on mission for Christ.

The call to prayer in this devotional journey is really an invitation into deeper intimacy with Jesus. It is through intimacy with Jesus that our authority and power are unleashed. When missionary passion is infused with Holy Spirit power, the nations of the world will know the Good News of Jesus. Let it be so!

Dave Hearn
The Christian and Missionary Alliance