Welcome to 40 Days of Faith and Hope In Action

Consider taking one of these three devotional journeys listed below during any 40-day period throughout the year and let those 40 days inspire and mobilize the church together as we put faith and hope in action.


A Journey into God’s Heart for Justice and Compassion.

Cover Image for Devotional Edition 1Our thoughts and attitudes must be captivated with our Father’s colossal and intimate love for the most vulnerable in his creation, so that justice and compassion become our natural response. Be transformed with daily Scriptures, devotionals, and reflection questions to help see biblical justice and compassion in a new light and to understand how this looks in everyday life.

A Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered, Mission-Focused Devotional Journey.

Cover Image for Devotional Edition 2This devotional journey renews our focus on the destination: to live dynamic Christ-centred lives, to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and to motivate us to risk it all to be on mission. As you embark upon this journey, pray for a Christ-centred heart that is moved by what God is revealing; next, commit to be open to God-given dreams, visions and passions unleashed by His Spirit; and then, respond wholeheartedly to His life-transforming power as you engage in His mission and inspire others to join you.

A Devotional Prayer Journey into the Presence, Power, and Purposes of God.

Cover Image for Devotional Edition 3 The call to prayer in this devotional journey is really an invitation into deeper intimacy with Jesus. It is through intimacy with Jesus that our authority and power are unleashed; as you pray through this devotional journey embrace your identity in Christ and expand your intimacy with Christ, so that you can be on mission for Christ. When missionary passion is infused with Holy Spirit power, the nations of the world will know the Good News of Jesus.